EDGECAM Version 10.75 - May 2006

New Finish Turn cycle
with full support for Wiper inserts. Benefits include variable feeds, speeds and offsets for different elements of the profile; ability to automatically reverse the cut direction to avoid upcut machining; and automatic corner rounding with filleting and chamfering within the cycle.

4-/5-Axis machining enhancements
include option to lock the 5th axis to a specified angle and additional gouge checks (increased from two to four to allow greater control of the toolpath). 4-Axis rotary machining now available in the mill/turn environment.

Milling operations
(Roughing, Face Milling etc) now available in the mill/turn environment, providing fast and easy access to milling functionality.

Clipping toolpaths to depth
removes unwanted toolpath segments to minimize cycle times and increase calculation speed in surface cycles.

EDGECAM machine tool simulation
Enhanced to give even better representation of the machining process by allowing the user to specify whether to use a single or multiple light sources. New function to record Simulator sessions as AVIs.

Enhanced feature finding
Additional features for streamlining solids manufacturing. For example, radial holes, defined around a diameter are now found automatically by the feature finder.

Keyless network licensing
removes the need for hardware keys to be installed on the server and offers increased flexibility for network users.