EDGECAM Version 11 - October 2006

5-Axis simultaneous machining available in the mill/turn environment. Further 5-Axis enhancements include Round Corners option that enables the user to machine parts containing low curvature regions, and option to check against shank offset.

Hole cycle enhancements include ability to machine radial holes on conical faces, automatic index alignment for hole features and enhanced ordering of rotary holes.

Improved boundary control for milling cycles with ability to offset a boundary by a specified value relative to the tool. Maintains associativity and removes the need to create additional boundaries manually.

Separate boundary option for Rest Roughing allows for the use of different boundaries to contain each rest roughing operation.

EDGECAM Solid Machinist enhancements include ability to transform solid body and align it to the current CPL for milling. New Open Pocket feature type brings all the advantages of feature-based machining to open pocket regions.

EDGECAM Part Modeler support for STEP files.

New Tool Optimisation option ensures that tool ordering is maintained when merging and rationalising machining sequence.