Offcuts in RADAN 2012 R2Offcuts

Our unique and powerful approach to creating offcuts for profiling machines has now been introduced for punching and combination machines.

Users with punching or combination machines can now specify the exact dimensions of offcuts that they wish to keep, not only saving money in materials but also saving time and money on the shop floor.

Naturally avoiding the clamps and using an intelligent approach to tagging, settings are stored per material thickness and strategy which inlcudes the choice between profiling and punching on combination machines.

Example of tool list in RADAN 2012 R2Tool Lists

Following feedback from customers we have made enhancements to the interactive and dynamic tool list that was introduced in 2012 R1. Users will notice enhanced performance and functionality.

A similar list has been introduced in nest mode. Whilst in order mode, the same technology has been used to improve user experience.


Ease of Use:

Standard tool loading files in radan 2012 R2Alphanumeric Standard Tool Loading Files

To improve the user experience when using STL files, the user can now specify the files using names rather than just numbers.

Select an entire profile witha single click in radan 2012 R2Geometry Selection by profile:

To facilitate feature selection, a new selection method is available, which allows entire profiles (open or closed) to be selected with a single click.



Rectangular Nesting

As part of our continued investment in our world class nester, RADAN 2012 R2 introduces a completely new algorithm for near-rectangular parts.

Customisable ColumnsCustomisable Columns

The user can now freely configure the information shown in any of the lists used in the RADAN software, these lists can then also be grouped according to the user's needs.


Example of quick estimate in RADAN 2012 R2Quick Estimates:

RADAN 2012 R2 enables the results of Quick estimates to now be stored in the part/drawing attributes, which in turn means they can be shown on nest project reports or html set up sheets.


Face selection with RadbendFace Selection with Radbend

Selecting a part in RADAN 3D to be transferred to Radbend is now more robust and repeatable. By default, the user only selects the part to be transferred, RADAN 3D will select the most optimal face-edge-vertex combination.

The user can manually override the selection using the 'Pick' option and revert to the automatic selection using the 'Auto' option.

The selection is stored in the part for repeatability.