Empire Cycles


Creators of the award winning AP-1 Downhill Bike and now the All New - All Terrain MX6-EVO. Designed, Tested & Manufactured in the UK.

Empire Cycles are passionate about using great engineering to create elite products. We offer innovative designs to the world’s mountain bikers.

Empire Cycles’ story begins in 2004 when, working for a motorcycle company, I was asked to design the cast swing arms of two models of motocross bikes. I already loved mountain biking (and dirt BMXing before that) and was into amateur motocross racing.

"The brand name, Empire, was an ironic choice. I wanted "a piece of something big” but knew that going up against established brands would be tough. Not being a man to take the easiest route, I started with a downhill product: the AP-1. This took some serious graft and confidence. I was convinced that the front end and swing arm could each be made from just single parts, using aircraft grade aluminium and bolted together leaving no requirement for welding."

"The geometry of the AP-1 was devised: high single pivot like a motocross bike, adjustable wheel base, and motocross-type bearings."

"All Empire frame parts are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the UK. No exceptions. This allows for consistent high quality components as well as supporting local industry and reducing environmental impact."

Empire is a small dedicated high-end manufacturer of relatively low volume. The personal touch is a large part of what we sell. We make some of the most advanced, technologically challenging products that are made in the world and we need to shout about it.




Headstock Machining

EDGECAM in partnership with Empire Cycles machining the Headstock for the MX6 Evo mountain bike. Also using MSC Software Apex for the FEA by Evotech CAE Ltd. Tooling supplied by WNT.




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