SGS Tool Company

​We are a privately-held, ISO-certified leader of round solid carbide cutting tool technology for the aerospace, metalworking, and automotive industries with manufacturing sites in the United States and United Kingdom. 

Our global network of Sales Representatives, Industrial Distributors, and Agents blanket the world selling into more than 60 countries. 

World Leaders In Solid Carbide Tool Technology - Brand names such as Z-Carb, S-Carb, V-Carb, Multi-Carb have become synonymous with high performance tooling in the machining and metalworking industry. We’re proud to have pioneered some of the world’s most advanced cutting technology right here in our Northeast Ohio manufacturing campus.  SGS High Performance End Mills, Drills, and Routers are increasing productivity around the world.

We extend our concept of focus, of specialization to our manufacturing facilities as well. Each of our primary production plants is dedicated to a single, major segment of our product line. Such concentration results in greatly increased efficiency and productivity. It allows each facility's work force to be fully trained in the unique geometries of the tools they produce. Our customers gain the expertise and enthusiasm of a responsive team that is committed to doing one thing-and doing it best.

In addition to our substantial R&D facilities, we offer a portfolio of products and services that have an unparalleled track record in manufacture, supply and value at the spindle. We offer tools that do the job better, faster and lower overall production costs.  Our team of associates go above and beyond to provide value throughout the entire supply chain process. 





EDGECAM Waveform at SGS

DMU 75 Monobloc, Material - Steel 01 Grade, Tool Diameter - 12mm Vcarb, Ap 20mm Ae 2mm, Speed - 5500 RPM, Feed 8000 mm/min, Cycle time : 3.01 minutes.